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Membership Dues
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Member Dues 2020

* The Local Executive Board has voted to waive late and reinstatement fees accrued during the Covid crisis to assist members enduring financial difficulties during this time *

Florida Gulf Coast Local 427-721 Full Year & Half Year dues

Regular Membership (Full Year) $130.00

+$5 PayPal fee
Life Membership* (Full Year) $78.00

+$3 PayPal fee
Inactive Life Member* (Full Year) $72.00

+$3 PayPal fee
Regular Membership (Half Year) $65.00

+$3 PayPal fee

Voluntary TEMPO Contribution
What is TEMPO? See below

New Members: Federation Initiaion Fee (FIF)
One -time payment for new AFM Members

New Members: Local Initiation Fee (LIF)
One-time payment for new Local Members

* requirement for Life Membership is 35 proven years of AFM membership including 5 years in AFM Local 427-721

Pay Online here or mail your check (payable to AFM Local 427-721) to:
AFM Local 427-721
PO Box 12333
St. Petersburg FL 33733



Supporting Candidates Who Support Music

AFM members have joined together to support candidates who support music. For musicians, it is critical that we support lawmakers and candidates who fight for issues we care about including:

  • Stricter copyright and performance rights laws guaranteeing musicians are fairly compensated
  • Stronger pension system so musicians have a secure retirement
  • Increased National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) funding
  • Improved travel regulations making it easier to travel with instruments
  • More music education so our next generation of musicians may learn their craft

Federal law prohibits dues money from being used for most political purposes. That’s why musicians have established TEMPO (Taskforce for Employment of Musicians Promotional Organization). TEMPO is solely comprised of small contributions given by AFM musicians—like you.




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