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MPTF (Music Performance Trust Fund)

May 2021
MPTF Announces Second Annual College Scholarship

Are you an AFM member who has a child that plans to attend a college, university, community college, or trade school in the fall of 2021?

MPTF is now awarding SCHOLARSHIPS to children of current AFM members. One hundred (100) $500 scholarships and twenty-five (25) $2,000 scholarships are available to help your child pursue higher education in their chosen field. Student does not need to be studying for a music-related degree. Deadline for students to apply has been extended to July 1, 2021! Click for application and more information:

Local 427-721 is pleased to offer our members assistance applying for MPTF funding
Funding is distributed on a first come, first serve basis.
For an application and more information, please email our MPTF Coordinator, Jean at

There are currently three types of funding:
MusicianFest - Performances at a Senior facility both in-person or streamed
Regular MPTF- Community performances both in-person or streamed
Education MPTF - Schools

For a list of performance types not approved, see this list.
All styles of music are accepted.

MPTF Facebook Page where concerts can be streamed

Until July 30, 2021 MPTF is sponsoring 100% of ALL performances including streamed performances

Beginning August 1, MPTF goes back to funding 50% for Regular and Education MPTF. Your Co-sponsor funds the other 50%. Musicianfest remains fully funded though at 100% by MPTF all year.

How to apply for MPTF Funding

MPTF requires you to have a co-sponsor for all events, including Musicianfest. A sponsor is an institution, organization, business, school, venue, etc that has a Federal Tax ID # and supports your performance. The check from MPTF goes directly to the sponsor, who then in turn compensates the musician(s). Sponsor Brochure

  • What is the Sponsor's responsibilty?
  1. Sign Terms and Conditions agreement (provided)
  2. Submit their W-9 to MPTF
  3. Sign LS-1 contract between Sponsor and Musician/Contractor (provided)
  4. Promote your event how they would like (ie Facebook, E-Blast, Website, etc.) MPTF provides logo for any flyers, banners, or announcements.
  5. Pay musicians in a timely manner as agreed in LS-1 contract
  6. Mail one check for 5% mandatory work dues deductions (made out to AFM Local 427-721). Mail one check for Pension contribution of 9.59% check made out to AFM-EPF (AFM Pension Fund)... both sent to AFM Local 427-721.

For any streamed performances, a proposal needs to be submitted BEFORE you apply. Please use this proposal template: STREAM PROPOSAL

If you have questions or would like to request an application or more information, please email our MPTF coodinator, Jean at


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