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MPTF (Music Performance Trust Fund)

Local 427-721 is pleased to offer our members assistance applying for MPTF funding
Funding is distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

There are currently three types of funding:
MusicianFest - Performances at a Senior facility both in-person or streamed
Regular MPTF- Community performances both in-person or streamed
Education MPTF - Schools

For a list of performance types not approved, see this list.
All styles of music are accepted.

MPTF Facebook Page where concerts can be streamed

MPTF funds 50% for Regular and Education performances. Your Co-sponsor funds the other 50%. Musicianfest remains fully funded though at 100% by MPTF all year.

How to apply for MPTF Funding

MPTF requires you to have a co-sponsor for all events, including Musicianfest. A sponsor is an institution, organization, business, school, venue, etc that has a Federal Tax ID # and supports your performance. The check from MPTF goes directly to the sponsor, who then in turn compensates the musician(s). Sponsor Brochure

  • What is the Sponsor's responsibilty?
  1. Sign Terms and Conditions agreement (provided)
  2. Submit their W-9 to MPTF
  3. Sign LS-1 contract between Sponsor and Musician/Contractor (provided)
  4. Promote your event how they would like (ie Facebook, E-Blast, Website, etc.) MPTF provides logo for any flyers, banners, or announcements.
  5. Pay musicians in a timely manner as agreed in LS-1 contract
  6. Mail one check for 5% mandatory work dues deductions (made out to AFM Local 427-721). Mail one check for Pension contribution of 9.59% check made out to AFM-EPF (AFM Pension Fund)... both sent to AFM Local 427-721.

For any streamed performances, a proposal needs to be submitted BEFORE you apply. Please use this proposal template: STREAM PROPOSAL

If you have questions or would like to request an application or more information, please email our MPTF coodinator, Jean at


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